Every Story Needs a Soundtrack

So… let’s talk music. Wanna? See, I’ve got songs attached to all my best memories. You, too?? From Country and Blues to Rock ‘n Roll, especially Southern Rock (*Swoon*). From Disco and Pop to Rap and Hip-Hop. From Funk and Raggae to all the best dance tunes. From live bands to my good ol’ college jam band days… from the 50’s all the way to today. I just love it! With (clearly) very few exceptions.

I care not that I sing wildly off key and play no instrument… and, this certainly doesn’t stop me from sharing this non-gifting of mine with the poor, tortured Big Daddy (Who IS actually a trained musician. Oh well.) In the house. Outside the house. In the car. In a bar. Okay, so I (mostly) added that last one because it rhymed and my brain gets stuck in places… like last week apparently being Dr. Seuss week, and all. Oh, and I may or may not have been known to sing in a bar, but it just seems a bit too soon to tell you these kinds of things. Anyway… the bottom line is this: It’s just ON when that perfect song comes on. Am I right? And, don’t get me started on how my mind, like a switch, automatically turns to a lyric every chance it gets.

Music, for me, is simply the best way to season a life. Season a story. Like how you can bake a plain, whole chicken, without adding one spice, and have a meal. Or, you can take that same plain chicken and cover it with olive oil and s ‘n p, then stuff it with a lemon, some garlic and a few rosemary sprigs and you can have a WONDERFUL meal. (Seriously. Really yummy. I very much dislike cooking and avoid it at all costs, but this one’s a go-to for the simplicity and tastiness of it all. And, we’re moving on…)

Plus, all great stories are filled with music. Every movie or show we’ve ever loved has that perfect song. Or songs. They add the passion, the emotion, the beauty and I simply couldn’t imagine my own story without them. They’re the ones I’ve clung to along the way because they offered the words I could not speak, the encouragement I desperately needed, the opportunity to weep out loud, or that perfect chance to sing and dance wildly out of control. And, to me, that’s priceless… and oh, how I need every bit of all that.

So, what do you think? Does your story need a spicy, passion-filled soundtrack?? If so, be encouraged. I believe we were created to worship and music is one of the best ways to wake up a soul to their story, so let’s just go on and trust that our God is more than gracious enough to lead us there.

Or, maybe the soundtrack to your story is already spinning and you are loving – and singing  – every moment of it. Pure bliss. If so, what do you think about sharing with the rest of us? I’ll go first. Obviously.

So about this time last year, I was really struggling with some old junk and stumbled (no such thing really, but that’s for another post) upon Chris McClarney’s beautiful song, “God of Our Yesterdays”. God really used it to minister to me in a special way so, I added more of him to my playlist and grew to absolutely love the song below, especially the throwback sound. Now, it just seems too perfect for this new adventure. Or this Sunday. Or, any day really.

So, at this very moment, let’s just rest in the blessed assurance we can all have in Jesus, shall we…

12 thoughts on “Every Story Needs a Soundtrack”

  1. Music to me is like medicine. It brings me right back in time to certains places and events like an instant time machine. It brings me great joy. Thank you for such an important reminder.

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  2. Yes, I agree! God speaks to me SO many times through music 🎼🎤 I have to say Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” was the first of many songs the Lord gave me after being saved! Love that song 💗
    Worship time in church, my car, my living room, etc.. God uses to speak to me… Thank you for pointing out the great connection between God & music 😍

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  3. “echoes of mercy, whispers of love”
    I never noticed that particular lyric until this listen, but I guess it’s been a while! Love this version! Thanks for sharing!


    1. It could just be the way he says/sings it here, too. He’s got a way! And, he doesn’t even need a fan blowing in front of him 😉 But, to your point, many musicians are reviving the old hymns (and some even sing psalms) and the simplicity is beautiful, as well as, thought provoking… especially to the modern listener.

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  4. Now THAT is a song that really praises THE Big Daddy!! And I know that your song, your life, is praising and glorifying Him through your writing. Thank you!!


  5. Your love of music is so much like your Nanny!! I pray some day she can read this, she would be so proud of you…just like the rest of us who know and love you😘


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