Fridays (and all days) Are for Dancing

So, my back went out last weekend and after a week of pain and very limited movement, I just really want to dance. You? Plus, I like giving Big Daddy a giggle (which he already got as he snuck up on me dancing to these songs while sitting on a large exercise bouncy ball. Hey, it helps the back!)

Anyway, I don’t always listen to Christian dance music, but when I do it’s this. right. here. Oh, and maybe a little “Shackles” and “Stomp” for old time sack. Those two never get old. Let’s just have a Holy Ghost Dance Party, shall we???

But, don’t throw your back out!

3 thoughts on “Fridays (and all days) Are for Dancing”

  1. You know me.. and how much I LOVE to dance!!😜👍🏻💃👯 LOL
    I’m praying your back feels better soon so we can get our “jiggy with it” again … 😆 LOL
    Thank you for the fun music!! Xoxo

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