Do You Know… ?

So the storms came… Harvey and Irma and who knows what others that may still be raging in your life and I’m wondering what you find yourself clinging to during the uncertainty of it all?

Did you know if the answer is God, then you bring Him a joy you may have never considered? Did you know He wants to commune with you again and again in the worst of ways and on your worst of days and even in the best of your every days? Did you know that God loves to hear you call upon His Name? Did you know that prayer is simply a conversation you have with Him when you share what’s on your heart and He gives you back a part of His in return? Did you know Your Maker created you, at your very core, to connect with Him whether the waters rise, the winds rage, or life stands wonderfully upright? Did you know He will allow the storms of life to sweep you under in order that you may see a deeper need of Him still? Did you know He loves to have you lean on, take refuge in, cling to, and depend upon Him not only in those storms that rage, but in every moment of your every day? Did you know that the Maker of the entire Universe… of Heaven and Earth… of the water, waves, and wind, has a heart that is simply jealous for yours… for your devotion to and love of Him? Did you know He loved you enough to send His one and only Son to overcome what you spend your life running from… those very storms that chase you and even the death that awaits you? Did you know He did this so you could be reconciled to Him and able to receive His perfect peace through each and every storm and for all eternity? Did you know He is reconciling all things to Himself so His original creation can be restored? Did you know that what He longs for most is your total reconciliation and complete restoration? Did you know He lives to bring you into the relationship with Him you were designed to enjoy before the foundation of the world? Did you know He has done everything possible to make this a reality? Did you know He will move the mountains and part the seas to get you moving toward Him and make you the who you were meant to be? Did you know He moved toward you first because that’s what Love does? Did you know all you need has already been accomplished for you on The Cross and all you have to do is believe it and receive it? Did you know that today is the day of salvation… that today is the day to quit running and, just like the winds and waves have done since the storm – stand still – so that you can see the deliverance of the Lord?

Do you know Jesus?

Did you know that He knows you and is waiting for you to know Him in return… in the worst way, and on your worst day, and in your best everyday?! ❤

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