The Rest of the Story

Maybe your day seems long and your night never ending. Maybe your life is broken down or just plain breaking, leaving you to endure the broken or slam on the brakes. Maybe your view up ahead looks hopelessly clouded, or worse, completely dark. Or maybe you’re just wondering if you will ever move past the past that still clouds your future, or simply get through your today that seems rough enough to finally upend you.

If so… then maybe, just maybe, you’re being called to rest (Matthew 11:28).

To rest in The One Who’s power and peace can RESTore all your yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows (Joel 2:25). The One Who gives light to your life because light dwells with Him (Daniel 2:22). The One Who makes your broken, beautiful (2 Cor. 5:17). The One Who offers you a resurrected life by laying down His own (John 11:25). The One Who’s very name is Restorer (Ruth 4:15).

So, really… whatever darkness or brokenness or hopelessness is hounding you right now… whispering that THIS is forever… or, the end… or, that it will all just be upended… forever. Maybe you can remind that whisper about The Hound of Heaven. The One Who does not rest so that you can. The One that only asks you to believe that it has ALL already been done. The One that seeks you out and draws you to come and rest at His feet… to rest your eyes on His Cross – The Cross of Christ – THE place of eternal sacrifice. The place where night appeared in the day and broken people broke Him into pieces. The place where He was left, forsaken in darkness and death. That place. That exact place is the place we are blessed to rest when we are faced with the dark and the broken and the shame and the clouds… that place where all our broken got placed upon Him (1 Peter 2:24). That place where The One was willing to face our dark, cover our shame, part open our clouds, and carry all our broken so He could rebuild us in Him (Is. 54:11-12). That very place is where we get to rest in His perfect sacrifice and look upon our future, maybe not perfect or without pain, but one planned just for us by The One we were created for (Jeremiah 28:11).

So, face your broken, Dear One, and take it to The Cross… then be at rest in Jesus. For, when you rest at His Cross you come face to face with The One that faced death and punishment in our place. The One who longs for us to look at Him and radiantly reflect His beauty (Psalm 34:5).

The One, in Whom, our very rest will ultimately restore our soul. Jesus ❤

9 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story”

  1. Ruth, Beautiful words and teaching. We are human and it is hard to forget our past. The shame we bare. We all know that our sins were forgiven but we remember them. I must deny myself and pick up my Cross and continue to follow Jesus. I must spread his words in the great Harvest field. Love you. Dad


  2. He still chose to die knowing our past, present, and future. We died with him and now share in His resurrection life, therefore holding onto those memories or current sins is like calling him a liar and denying his purpose. He did it perfectly so we could be one with him and the Father. Living out this belief IS the fight of faith ❤


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