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Fixing Our Gaze

He was in the beginning, yet born as a man. He’s on the throne with God, yet died as a lamb. He held the hand of his mother, yet holds the whole world. He loved unto death, yet no sin He performed.

He is Risen, yet was raised like the worst of criminals. He is spotless, yet was scarred unrecognizable. He spoke nothing when accused, yet spoke life into creation. He bore the punishment we deserved, yet gives us freedom from condemnation. He was light in the darkness, yet the darkness could not see. He was mocked and rejected, yet still loved you and me.

He came so that we may have a life of blessed abundance. He walked on earth, fully human, the One True God among us. He lived perfectly so that we can live, for eternity, in His Presence. He defeated sin and conquered death to, once and for all, save us.

This. Is. Jesus.

And, His is The Story of all our stories…

The Whole Reason we even celebrate; The very reason we all live; The reason we gather; The reason we give; The reason we can love; The only reason we even breathe; The reason we have hope…

The true reason to believe.

The Author and The Perfector; The Christ and The Creator. The Name above all, Our Hope, and Our Redeemer. He is The Beginning and The End, The Purpose; The Very Center. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace, Our Savior.

He is a Firm Foundation, a Strong Tower, The Rock, and Corner Stone. He is completing what He has begun; He has bought and sealed His Own.

This Jesus, He is my Peace… my Maker… The Lover of my soul. He has bought me with His own shed blood; He has made my broken, whole.

He walks alongside me, always guiding, gently, by the way. He talks with me in the night and throughout each and every day. I happen to hear His voice simply because I am one of His sheep. He promises not to leave me and His promise He will keep. Whenever fear surrounds me, I speak softly His Great Name. And, when I have sinned, once again, He covers all my shame.

He is present and all-knowing; always giving His Perfect Love. He quiets, restores, and stills His Bride with new mercies from above. He delights in, rejoices with, and dances…

Over us, He does also sing!

In Him, we stand in His Glorious Light, reconciled, renewed…

Radiantly Reflecting.

Though, once upon a time, I had not heard nor dared to dream, but His restless pursuit left me longing to see ever more of Him in me. And now the thing that I want the most, high above all the rest… Is that your life is also In Him, kept perfect and wholly blessed.

Because… He waves high over a banner; prepares a banquet with His finest; trades our filthy rags for a righteous robe; gives His beauty for our ashes.

See, He was not simply a fine man, nor the subject of some great story. Not an example of good morals, nor only part of our world history. He was not just a great teacher, nor the first brother of so many. He does not actually need your money, nor does He care if you have plenty. He requires none of your works, neither the sacrifices you may make. He is not a lunatic; Not a liar; Nor, a set of laws you cannot break.

He is THE LORD. The Great I AM. The only Name under heaven to save. And, He has finished the work set before Him; He has conquered o’er the grave. He’s A Hope ever renewed; He’s The Calm in every storm; He’s The Way that’s everlasting; He’s The Life that gets reborn.

So… do you truly know Him? Have you touched Him? Have you heard? He is waiting for and watching over… He has given us His Word. Have you gazed upon His Beauty? Read the depths He chose to go? He has completed His work; He hung for you; Your sin He has atoned.

Can you believe it? Do you receive it? Could it really, possibly be? That a Savior, arms outstretched, was born, to die on that cursed tree? Can you trust that it is finished? Could it really ever be? That He, alone, is the only answer to your truly greatest need…

That Jesus – alone – holds the very life you have never dared to dream.

My prayer is you accept this; that you would truly seek to know, your role in The Greatest Love Story ever to be told…

Your place in The Greatest Passion ever to unfold.

And, while I cannot possibly share with you the whole of His Life Story; nor, ever fully express to you the cost of Eternal Glory… I desire for you to know just exactly what all takes part; when you give Him your faith, your trust, your life… When you give Him the whole of your heart.

The width, the height, the breadth, and depth of love for His Very Own; the blessings He has stored up for those He makes His Very Home. If you knew just what He offered You… to Us… to We… to ALL? If you knew how far away from Him you may eventually fall? If you knew His Arms, held open wide, are never too short to meet? If you knew that He would catch you, would you fall down at His feet?

Oh, that you may see and be brave enough to fully trust it is done; To believe that a way you never need to make… because He’s made the only One.

Oh, to know that your sins and sorrows… He desires to take; To know that those chains that bind you… He can finally brake.

Oh, to know the fullness of His Love, His Mercy, His Great Grace…

Is to know your eyes can gaze shamelessly, and forever, upon His Face.

5 thoughts on “Fixing Our Gaze”

  1. Ruth, my loving daughter Kacy. Thanks for this posting. May you, me, and countless others continue to spread the good news of Jesus. God Bless you and your family. Love you, Dad
    Merry Christmas


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