From Death to Love

Dedicated to Weapon…

We break. We’re broken.
Death splits wide open
hearts we never seem to mend.
Death of a dream.
Death of a love.
Death of the ones we will dream of,
Yet, never to hold here again.
Left limping and wounded
And, torn all apart.
We search for the why,
We sit in the dark.
We long for what was,
We wind wild around wonder,
Lay still and stay stunned,
Stumbling words over under;
Mumbling thoughts that can never fill
All these wounds we desire to heal,
With reasons too shallow and only emptier still.
So, we hold tight and hope for and hear with our hearts.
We limp alongside the wounded, split wide into parts.
Yes, that death, it comes to us each, along the way.
Times way too soon or unknown the day.
Yet, there is still love when this death touches you.
There is more love in this life we walk through.
So, rest child, you have much of a life left to live.
You have only seen a part of your love left to give.
Because, the truest love is but a life that is given away.
And death will not win when True Love leads The Way.
See, True Love, He weeps with you even in death.
True Love, He gives you even your breath.
True Love, He hears through your hardest tears.
True Love, He removes even your strongest fears.
Yes, This Love walks beside you every moment,
And, season.
True Love has a name,
And, His Name is Jesus.

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