Ponderings, Prayers

With His Death

Sharing some thoughts pondered this past Good Friday…

With words we tried to trap him.
With accusations we hoped to quiet him.
With authority we began to chase him.
With a plan we set to catch him.
With a capture we thought we had him.
With the charges we chose to blame him.
With an exchange we blindly traded him.
With a sentence we pronounced guilt over him.
With mocking we sought to shame him.
With spitting we refused to taste him.
With the crown we tried to cut him. 
With abuse we hoped to punish him.
With a scourging we longed to scar him.
With the cross we desired to crush him.
With a walk we sought to exhaust him.
With four nails we chose to secure him. 
With the lifting we longed to expose him. 
With a drop we desired to harm him.
With the hanging we hoped to hold him.

So, with his final breath we believed him finished.
And, with the piercing we had to prove it.
But, with an earthquake we pondered about him.
And, with the curtain we questioned who was in him.
So, with a grave we sought to bury him.
With a stone we rolled to hide him. 
With a soldier we tried to guard him.
And, with hearts of pride we simply denied him.

Yet, with love, He willingly yielded.
Yes, with love, took His Father’s wrath.
With love, He remained in faithfulness.
And, with love, created a new path.

With love, He did see our evil.
With love, He held all our sin.
With love, He bled for the whole of us.
So, with His death, our lives begin.

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