She Soars

Dedicated to my neice, H:

On wings of the eagle she is lifted high

Over seas, tribes, and tongues,

Though we share a blue sky.

Her heart has no limit;

Nor her home, any border.

She sees beyond this life

She soars up and over.

And though he is within her,

With help for the day;

Her life is a treasure,

So protection, I pray.

Because holding her back,

Keeping her safe,

Would be holding back love

From a world far away.

So we share her and have hope and keep faith she will rise;

And while soaring as an eagle, we see through her eyes

The beauty of this earth;

Its people;

Its heartbeat.

The beauty of life given β€˜way

For those to save,

And still to seek.

Yes, high above she does soar

Toward a love without limit.

Over each passing day.



She soars,

While we watch, humbled.

In awe,

Breathless with wonder.

In love with this heart that beats for another.

She soars.

So be still, my heart,

And know she is kept by the father.

7 thoughts on “She Soars”

  1. Seek and you will find Him, knock and the door will be open !! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Love sent your way. Dad


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