Scattered Prayer on a Worn Out Path…

Oh Father,

I believe, but help my unbelief…

How do I hope against all hope?

Wait for the healing that hasn’t come yet?

Long for the repair of what is broken while still staring at the pieces of what’s left?

What happens during the now and what’s next…

When the faith I depend on can’t hold up my face, let alone my worn out soul?

When there’s no rest after releasing because I pick back up what keeps pushing me down low.

How do I keep on walking when fainting seems inevitable?

How do I trust in what’s not promised and find joy in what’s in front of me?

I want a vision that lasts. A strength of sight. I want to press on towards the goal. I want victory in the fight.

There’s a faith that says God is good. This life here is but a shadow. Breath in. breath out. Keep pressing onward in the battle.

But, I want a faith that sees… no, that KNOWS — the truth is simply YOU! One that knows every time my eyes fall from Yours, I am only guaranteed to sink deeper in the storm. Because, I can’t fight what’s in front of me. I am weak and totally insufficient. I never have been able to do what others seem to.

But, YOU… Oh, Jesus.

So, I stand firm in this place — waiting — yet, fighting in my fear and trembling… for more faith and hope and joy and strength… for more trust and more love, because I’m only fighting for more of You. Just give me more of you, Oh Lord. Your grace. Your face.

Let me touch your robe…

Please never let me go.

I want to collapse because I keep failing… thoughts swirl, words don’t come… is that your voice or only my thoughts trailing…

Why does my head shout, my body cry… why do my feelings feel so real, but I know only tell lies?

What is the truth? What is you? Why does this battle rage daily?

Please step into clear view. Be my sight. Be my light in this death valley.

Oh Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner.





4 thoughts on “Scattered Prayer on a Worn Out Path…”

  1. Ruth/ Kacy– you wrote what I think, I read how we must live to be in God’s Kingdom and know I fall short. I will continue on my walk and pray that His grace will enable me to see Him and be with Him in eternity. I will run my race and I know you are running yours. May God continue to show us the way. Keep giving us your encouraging messages. Love you. Dad

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  2. Wow! That sounds like something I would find in my Treasury of David, written by Spurgeon! I so enjoy your posts! I read all of them! Sadly this is my first time to leave a comment, but please know your entries are inspiring and so very encouraging! This one speaks to me in a very deep and special way. Thank you for letting the Lord use your gift to be such a blessing to others! Keep ’em coming! Love it!



    1. Debbie, your words and encouragement mean more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for every bit of your life that you shared with mine. God used you in a mighty way and I truly cannot imagine my walk apart from that time. All His best blessings to you and yours and I really hope to see you soon! ❤


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