Jesus Walks On

Jesus keeps walking today.

Walking towards Gethsemane, where He will sweat blood, and Golgotha, where He will pour blood.

Walking toward His final few steps with His friends and His final meal and, finally, His scourging.

Walking toward cleansing His Father’s temple and His friends’ feet and even His betrayer’s feet, dirty each from robbery and sin and their own walking.

And yet, He keeps walking so we can walk free. He keeps walking forward because it’s His Father’s purpose.

Because of love.

He walks to bring us forever into their love. Can you see Him? Can you hear His heart for you with each footstep?

This is no ordinary man. His motive is love. His goal is your heart. His walking toward that cross means we can walk freely on, right by His side… and right into the arms of God for all eternity.

Gaze upon this ultimate Grace today. Believe His love is real with each step He continues to take. See His love for you in His disfigured face. Breathe in His love for you in each labored breath. Know this Love today, that loved you to death.

#PassionWeek #LivingLoved

Be brave. Be free. Be redeemed 💛

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