Wednesday’s Whisper

When the silence of The Lord comes, know this: The next best thing is right upon you.

Jesus isn’t silent because He is withholding something from you. He is silent AND still holding you. And while His silence in the moment (or weeks or months) may seem like abandonment, it’s always for your betterment. He’s still beating down Hell’s door for your best and His glory. He’s still at the right hand of His Father in Heaven, praying for your relief. He’s still walking before, beside, and behind you, preparing the better way for you.

Wanna know what else? His silence will always carry with it a whisper and if you determine to listen for it, His gentle voice can be heard.

So allow the pause of this Silent Wednesday to awaken in you a hope that Life will rise again soon and this temporary silence will simply be a sweet memory of, “That time you heard His gentle whisper… “

PassionWeek #LivingLoved

Be brave. Be free. Be redeemed💛

(John 11:1-44; Deuteronomy 31:8; Psalm 136:16, 139:5; Isaiah 45:2, 52:12; Romans 8:34; 1 Kings 19:12)

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