Be Thou (My vision for 2020 and beyond)

Be Thou my vision when blind is my sight. Be Thou a lamp when dark is the night.

Be Thou my companion when I feel all alone. Be Thou my hope when I have not my own.

Be Thou, Lord, an anchor. Be Thou, God, my strength. Be Thou, Friend, my treasure in the dreariest of days.

Be Thou, over, a banner. Be Thou, here, my love. Be Thou, now, my song sung high from up above.

Be Thou ever present. Be Thou over all. Be Thou all knowing. All seeing. In all.

Be Thou with Your mercy. Be Thou with Your grace. Be Thou full of justice. Righteousness. Face to face.

Be Thou, oh, my truth. Be Thou, here, my life. Be Thou, now, for me in pain and in all strife.

Be Thou, Jesus, the only Word when lies and fears invade. Be Thou, Spirit, with counsel when I know not how the way.

Be Thou, today, my peace as the battle wages on. Be Thou, ever, a fountain, never ending. Life giving. To all.

Be Thou, loud, a voice when the wind and waves won’t still. Be Thou, in control, with Yours and not my will.

Be Thou as my source. Be Thou with a wing. Be Thou as a judge. Lawgiver. My King.

Be Thou with Your comfort when sadness overcomes. Be Thou as my cover when shame seeks to make a home.

Be Thou in forbearance when temptation takes me under. Be Thou with forgiveness when my sin shouts loud as thunder.

Be Thou my way back when I’ve wandered off too far. Be Thou who You always have been.

Be Thou Who You Are.                                                                                                                                                                                

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