The God We Go To

God cannot be placed merely on the periphery. He wants to be smack dab in the midst of you and me.

Neither is God a last resort. He is the first we seek in order to know, to understand, to guide, and to order aright. He stands alone in knowledge and power, unlimited resources and ultimate goodness.

God is not a nice to have, either. He is an absolute necessity. A most necessary beginning, middle, and end to all we seek and see in all our days and in every way.

And neither does God live to serve us. We live to serve and love Him and do not deserve even an ounce of what He gives us in return.

And Y’all, I’d do well to remember these things. Remember the depths He traveled to bring us to Him. The days He walked and taught and healed on earth. The years He sought to help us see. All the moments He waited out my moments and months and years of utter doubt and sin and pride of life. I’d do well to remember much of that right now. Remember His goodness and faithfulness and righteousness. How He never leaves nor forsakes and fights to find the ones left behind. How our undoing is usually only the beginning of His doing. How what looks to be falling apart is actually only the start of His remaking.

Though, I simply can’t help but question right now the undoing of the world. The undoing in this season and the now we are steeped in. The undoing that keeps doing me in and so many others around me.

And I question how we walk by faith and not by sight in a time such as this? In a season when sight makes you want to run to what makes you numb or run away entirely. A season that seems neverending. A season that is right now spilling into an Advent season usually overwhelmed with a desire to prepare for Who is coming back for our rescue.

But will He this time?

That is always the question. My question, anyway.

Do we prepare by sitting back, watching and waiting? Prepare by remembering? Prepare by making space and room for His coming? Prepare by worshipping or thanking or loving more? Prepare by lighting some candles, reading a few stories, offering right sacrifices?

How do we ever prepare for His coming when we know what hard still exists or seems to be hounding right outside our door?

Yet Jesus prepared to leave Heaven and His Father in order to be born and live as a man knowing fully the heartache and suffering He’d endure. And He chose to prepare a table knowing The Cross awaited mere hours later. And He prepared His friends for what was to happen to Him and them and all that was to come later.

And while I’m more about preparing for more of the hard or worse outcomes or even my worst nightmares, Jesus is still seeking a seat at my own table. And He’s inviting me to hear His voice. Touch His scarred hands. And He’s asking me to hold fast to Him and His words and gaze into His love for the world and even my own world. And He’s daring me to wait on His timing and depend upon His promises. He’s saying my view is too small. My hope too limited. My way too confined.

Because His coming shattered all paradigms.

Jesus, born of a virgin, by The Spirit of The Living God, broke down every religious barrier then laid down His own body to be broken in order to ensure reconciliation and full relationship with us and God. He broke every bond of slavery to sin and conquered death itself to prepare us for life with Him. He made sure to make room for us and is, even now, preparing us all who believe, a room in eternity.

And so, despite all the unraveling and upheaval in this season of undoing, I must make a choice: I will marvel at His Story, then muster up even the tiniest mustard seed of faith, while preparing Him room to live and move, in order that I may have my being In Him, alone. Not in any must see outcome nor some rusted and fading must-have on earth. And I will prepare to see the goodness that is sure to await us, because He says He’s here and is coming back and is never too late.

Come what may. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

3 thoughts on “The God We Go To”

  1. Thank You God for giving us free will. Thank You for sending Your Son for us. Thank You for the gift of this blog to help us grow in faith and continue to choose to turn towards You.


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