Made for More

May I share something? It’s kind of about me, but it could also be about you, though only in the best ways. I hope you read with an open heart.

Years ago a baby girl entered the world, surrounded by love and abounding in energy, plus a decent amount of charm (so it’s been said). Day by day, newness came and went, as it does in early life, until the excitement, learning, and growing faded into a backdrop, more foreboding, of loneliness and loss, fear, shyness, and insecurity.

Yet journeying on, she continued, since such is the way in living, striving hard to become what she perceived was the only option given. Attempting to live up to the standards that had already been set in place, by both those she knew and those she’d never even seen face to face.

Because *they* often do get the privilege of defining all our lives and days.

And, well, let’s just say the world had its inevitable way, with both silent and loud messages left on play. Ringing relentlessly inside both her mind and her ears aloud – good and hopeful ones, pointless and awful ones did resound. Molding her personality in such a way that merely allowed a head above water, with no real ability to make sense of too much of the drama. And any notion of living some type of life to the full? Well, that was simply – and totally – incomprehensible.

Until eventually, as is often the way in a wayward way of living, her life got wrapped up in all she thought she ought to be BEcoming. Becoming athletic. Becoming funny. Becoming likable. Becoming accepted. Becoming attractive. Becoming sought after. Becoming interesting, individual, and intelligent. Becoming everything to everyone, or at least everything she saw reflected. 

Becoming – to the point of near obsessing – a rather basic version of desirable, in order to find happiness, peace, satisfaction or love or meet her needs most pressing. Becoming a person that could eventually fit into the world’s definition of worthy, through a life centered on who she was and how she was feeling only.

Because it was really all about her, in her very own ending, sadly.

And this girl, well she wasn’t doing anything wrong – not always, or in all things, exactly. She was only following the patterns of those who’d gone before, becoming what she thought she was supposed to be, plus hopefully a little more.

But something always seemed amiss. Off. Untouched. Unreachable, even. And she was usually stuck, or lost, or finally found, yet still wound up tightly spinning. Trying this and that, going here and there, while staying wholly unsatisfied in the living.

And while there were times when her becoming worked and she found some satisfaction, life could seem right on track, laid back, or quite relaxing. But most days she just felt kinda numb, alone, and way too often bored. Or, like some huge hole was actually being bored, deep into her lonely soul.

Until one day, life changing events changed her life for the way better, and a bundle of snuggly sweetness into her world did enter. Bringing along the presence of another Someone, promising her a real life of forever.

The only One, Who, alone, IS the only way to heaven.

A Person (though she didn’t understand any of this yet) Who’d complete all those empty longings and desires still unmet, through a life she’d never even had one notion she could’ve ever dreamt.

And this Person pierced her soul like nothing else before or ever since. Boring more holes deep into her heart, just to fill them up with Him. Touching long forgotten wounds to heal and finally restore, answering most of her biggest questions, while offering gifts of grace and love and more. Opening up her eyes to His Truth in life lived here and high above… because that’s just Him and it’s plain and simply, exactly what He does. Sharing wonder and beauty, a hope unknown, untapped, and undiscovered, before knowing this amazing, awesome, awe inspiring Him Who’s like no other.

And then best of all He gave this message so needed, yet so unexpected. Expressing five of the most precious sounding words she’d been empty of, yet so desperate…

You. Were. Made. For. More.

Wait. What exactly are You even suggesting??

YOU were made for more than who you are and how you’ve currently been living!

You were made for more than reaching some ideal or well deserved award; serving, giving, growing new life, or gathering more and more. Made for more than seeking empty, never lasting, temporal things; made for more than giving yourself or your entire life away. Made for more than devoting your time to what never satisfies or only takes; made for more than empty promises of love, pleasure, or freedom from pain. You were made for more than you can imagine or ever truly measure, because You, my dearest daughter were made for ME and you are treasured.

You were made for more than becoming who you believe you are meant to be. Made for more than living out someone else’s fantasy. Made for more than meeting that goal, whim, or next financial need. Made for more than settling for some version of you that makes you happy. Made for more than finding love here, on this earth, only. Made for more than meeting personal dreams and seeking long term security. Made for more than even living out your morals, ethics, or beliefs.

You were made to see the sunrise through my living, loving eyes; to marvel at My Glory when faced with the powerful sea; gaze amazed at mountain tops from depths of valleys and trickling streams and wonder forever at the gift of life, while longing for more of Me.

Find exciting Earth’s colliding of trees and skies in blue and green. Behold new life and life’s sad end and never ending alongside of Me. Find great joy at the grandest gifts, but also even the smallest of things… a lizard’s lips, a kissing fish, a lazy Sunday filled with next to nothing.

You were made to learn and grow, seek science and uncover mysteries; look up at the sky, daydream you can fly, and consider it all through Me. Hear laughter, sing loud, dance tall and stand proud, expressing your praise in Me. Watch first or last steps, offer cheers and regrets, both comfort and condolences; pray, without ceasing, for Love’s good and best way, and His grace toward others and on this very day, then find your best hope in Me. View white capped waves crashing and winds wildly lashing and ponder the power in Me. Feel a breeze brush your face while you lie in the shade, then take a long rest in Me.

Enjoy wisdom offered gently, a listening ear, that one stranger’s kindness, your neighbor so near, while also enjoying Me. Embrace sweet conversation, laughter leaving you breathless, each second of sunset, and love that feels wreckless, embracing it all from Me. Receive mercy each dawn, a long rest when you yawn, cozy blankets, big hugs, and warm fires; hot drinks when you’re cold, someone’s care when you’re old or help when you’re plain sick and tired; the food on your plate, grace when your late, provision at the very last minute; because, My dear one, all things, well they come, from My hands since this world… Well, I hold it.

Plus, all things you see, point you back to Me… So breathe in and breathe out, thanking Me.

Then clean up those messes, wipe tears that can fall, calm fears and still stresses, happily gather with all, remembering your strength is in Me. Forgive others quickly, turn your other cheek, seek peace in the battle and in truth kindly speak, while knowing your example is Me. Offer grace and due honor and benefit of the doubt, hold tightly to love, spreading mercy about, while bringing all glory to Me.

Though the best of all these, and worth remembering, is you’re becoming ever more *like* Me. And as we journey along, you’ll grow wise and strong, and become all I’ve made you to be. Desiring Me without measure, above all you do treasure, since you were created through Me to JUST BE!

BE held and adored, while busy or bored, whether walking or talking or laughing. Because your hopes and dreams, well they live in Me, and from bondage and shame you’re now free. With a purpose all yours, and a call to press forward, a child of the King you will BE. Called by a new name, a new creation you’ll remain, reconciled, justified, without blame; Adopted and redeemed, into a forever family and, in heaven, there’s a room that’s waiting. So, give Me your fears, your anger, your tears, BE filled to the full with JUST ME. And bring every doubt, regret, and recount, leaving them all at my feet. 

Though remember dear one, you were made to have love, for others, as you also love Me. Relationships and love, sharing gifts from above, giving time and some hospitality. But save some room, too, for those that need you, accepting this gifting through Me.

And seek with your heart, your very life set apart, because I created your heart to find Me. I made you in love, to live life from above, longing for ever more and more of Me. Then to share this true love, with all you think of, so they will live with My Father and Me.  

[Note: The rhyming ends now! Mostly because I just can’t, anymore. You’re likely fine with me ending it, anyway. I’m sure Y’all saw I pulled up a little lame in the final stretch. Or, maybe all of it. It’s not easy! Moving on...]

And guess what my dearest friend, in case you have not heard or don’t yet know, YOU (yes, I’m taking to you and you and you, too!) were made for all of this and so much more, also! Because we were all MADE to love The Giver of this amazing gift of life way more than the gifts we are receiving or dreams we’re currently dreaming. And we will never, ever, ever be even one single ounce fulfilled, or truly able to live in real peace, until we meet – and then live in a love relationship with – Him!

Sooooo, if you’ve not yet met this crazy-loving, self-sacrificing Name like no other… THE only Just and Righteous King, that loves His own because Love is Who He Is(!)… THE only faithful, forgiving, long suffering, everlasting, and perfect Lover of your soul, Who created us to live forever in love with Him… may I formally introduce you two?

His name is Jesus Christ and He’s waiting to simply walk out your days here on earth, and then forever in eternity, with you! Best of all, there’s no work, no cleaning up any dirt, and all you have to do is trust and ask for Him by name! Trust He’s The very Word, Who died as you’ve heard, the very death all our guilty hearts deserve. Exchanging His perfect Life, paying the full price, and taking our very place, forsaken. Defeating all death and the enemy’s threats and ending forever all the old separation. [Okay, I’m rhyming a bit here. What can I say?? Old habits die hard.] Making forever a way to The Father in Heaven, because He wants nothing more than for you to become all that you’ve been created to BEHIS Own forever friend, who was made for so very much more than this world will ever, ever, EVER offer or hold💛

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