img_20161204_19434finalHey there and welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

So, my real name is Kacy… Ruth is just what I like to believe God calls me. I’ll happily answer to either. Since I’m new here, I’d love the opportunity to share a little about myself. As time goes on, I hope you’ll feel free to do the same.

For starters, I’m married (20 years) to a super hunky and hysterical guy I like to call, Big C. We’ve been blessed with two equally charming sons who, in order to maintain some boundaries and keep up speaking terms, I’ll call Wisdom (20) and Weapon (16) from here on out. We’ve also got two adorable doggers we all call Rue and Penelope Pearl.

For the past 20 years I’ve been employed by the way-cool, multi-talented, high-tech firm, Big Daddy and Sons, and it’s truly been my dream job. Okay, okay… employed is a stretch, but it has been my dream.  I have never considered myself a writer and, as such, have no real experience – unless you count PTO minutes, social media posts, and bad birthday poems. I have a degree in Psychology from Florida State University (where Big Daddy and I met and where Wisdom currently attends… Go ‘Noles!) and am one of those rare, native Floridians. We currently reside on the Space Coast and spend our free time biking, beaching, and barefoot by the pool. It’s all kinda like heaven, really.

Speaking of Heaven, Jesus is the truest love of my life. I love reading His Word, talking to others about Him, and writing about Him. I also love a quiet house, my ‘Noles, my people, my pups, blue jeans, red wine, coffee, cheese, chocolate and corn dogs. Not always together or in that order. I struggle with a ridiculous amount of road-rage, some sad self-loathing, copious amounts of impatience, and a whole super-sized, mixed bag of pride, fear, and anger. Thankfully, Jesus is loving me right through all of it.

Recently, God has birthed a desire to share some of where my heart and His Story collide, so… here we are. And, whether you’ve followed Christ for as long as you can remember or you’ve never even met Him, I pray you’d feel right at home here. My ultimate prayer, though, is that through sharing the story God is writing in my life, you would be encouraged to embrace the one He is writing in yours, and that through it all we might, together, grow in His grace and come to see that Jesus — and Jesus alone – is more than enough for each of us.

All of life is His Story. Do you know the one He is writing in yours?