Everything is Beautiful in its Time (a gentle reminder to a sister and also to myself)

Speaking Hard Things Have you ever wanted to say something to someone you care about and can't? Been too scared and wimpy to speak truth in love? Thought you had no leg to stand on in the matter, anyway? Well that's me right now, anyway. And I'm considering typing it up and sharing it with… Continue reading Everything is Beautiful in its Time (a gentle reminder to a sister and also to myself)


Fur Friends and Frazzled Nerves

The Menagerie The Menagerie Listen, I was managing this menagerie as well as could be expected. Or, at least like an inexpensive doggie daycare might. No one learning new things or even listening to anything, yet, fed, loved, played with and, most importantly, still alive. But now? Well, I'm gonna let you in on a… Continue reading Fur Friends and Frazzled Nerves


Race, The Church, and Listening in Love

Note: This post was written last year. It's essentially my heart on matters of racial relations inside the church of America. I've been nervous to share, so sat on it. I hope where you disagree, it would be prayerfully or, at least, kindly. I don't tread into these waters lightly, preferring to keep from anything… Continue reading Race, The Church, and Listening in Love


Is this you, God?

Just a Baby She stared long at the sky, silenced by the hard realization that her life had changed forever. Cigarette smoke swirled around her, each drag feeling both desperately needed and suffocating, while her head also swirled anxiously with both shock and disbelief sharing equal space. "It's just a baby," she thought. "Hardly the… Continue reading Is this you, God?


The Truth About Tangelo (and, really all) Trees

Shifting Seasons I'm not writing much anymore. My focus is shifting. Attention, a bit waning. I wonder why, too? Although, I suppose it's because I wander too much around my world and worries. They always seem bigger. Larger somehow than God. Than His goodness and my purpose. Though maybe it's just a season, since there's one… Continue reading The Truth About Tangelo (and, really all) Trees

Ponderings, Prayers

Knowing and Loving

The Beginning The excitement and newness of God wears off. Have you noticed? After the wooing and the awe, the seeing of sin and our need of saving. The dropping in shame, the rising in grace, the washing away of old and the re-birth of a new creation... After the walking. The learning. The drinking… Continue reading Knowing and Loving