Get Alone and Get to Know The Only One (Who Knows) -An Open Letter

Dear Bride of Christ, I write this today in brokenness and any bit of humility or ounce of grace I possess; in all the loud of the crowd reaching a fever pitch; in all the doom and the gloom, the upheaval and unhinged alive in our midst; in all the who-even-knows-what-anymore and all the who's… Continue reading Get Alone and Get to Know The Only One (Who Knows) -An Open Letter


Seeing 2020

As we each look forward to moving into a new year, leaving 2020 and all its *glory* far, far behind, we may feel a need to rush blindly ahead with a quickness: tackling new projects and goals with gusto, rewriting and righting our wrongs, running from our yesterday into a better tomorrow by seizing every… Continue reading Seeing 2020


My Story – Through Him

(This is the final post of three in a series titled "My Story". If you're curious, here's one and two.) So, my last post ended with me figuring out that after fifteen years of living my life in Jesus, I only really loved Him like I'd loved my family and friends... a whole heck of… Continue reading My Story – Through Him


My Story – Before Him

A preface… Since this is a blog about where my heart and God’s story collide, what could be a better backdrop than my own background, including original and subsequent collisions? It’s probably overdo. That said, these next few posts are kinda winding and long because, by nature, life stories cover whole lives. Or, lives up… Continue reading My Story – Before Him


A Love Story: From College and Beyond

A look back five whole years ago now... College Move-in Day is nearly upon us. The day I leave a part of myself to begin the best parts of himself. And, by now, it may be clear there’s been a small struggle, which makes me wonder and ponder and ask, “Why?” Which always makes me think… Continue reading A Love Story: From College and Beyond