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Knowing and Loving

The Beginning The excitement and newness of God wears off. Have you noticed? After the wooing and the awe, the seeing of sin and our need of saving. The dropping in shame, the rising in grace, the washing away of old and the re-birth of a new creation... After the walking. The learning. The drinking… Continue reading Knowing and Loving


Love’s Way (One Day)

Do you know Love's way? The heart of truth? The promise of eternity, yet so much more? Before even. On this earth right now, even! See, I walked around a long time before I'd heard. Alone and groping. Never really hoping. Though sometimes laughing and always pretending while searching. Searching, for. the. love! Coming up… Continue reading Love’s Way (One Day)


My Story – Through Him

(This is the final post of three in a series titled "My Story". If you're curious, here's one and two.) So, my last post ended with me figuring out that after fifteen years of living my life in Jesus, I only really loved Him like I'd loved my family and friends... a whole heck of… Continue reading My Story – Through Him