Ponderings, Prayers

Knowing and Loving

The Beginning The excitement and newness of God wears off. Have you noticed? After the wooing and the awe, the seeing of sin and our need of saving. The dropping in shame, the rising in grace, the washing away of old and the re-birth of a new creation... After the walking. The learning. The drinking… Continue reading Knowing and Loving


The Day COVID Made Me Cry

Yesterday I cried. That's not all too uncommon, really. And there were some reasons I was likely more inclined to cry, but still, I cried for the first time since all this started. In the morning I cried while watching a video of a man who described how God ministered to him through a janitor… Continue reading The Day COVID Made Me Cry


It’s True Love, I Tell Ya

Hard Truth I think I’ll just lay it all out here, today. Yep. Why not speak some (not so lovely) truth in (this month of) love? I think it’s overdue. So, the truth is this blog business is kinda hard business. See, I keep going over and over in my mind and on my keyboard… Continue reading It’s True Love, I Tell Ya