The Hope That Does Not Disappoint

Well, I have a heart that is breaking wide open today. Breaking wide over disappointment, disillusionment, and discouragement… over the hearts that are breaking and hurting and seem to be spilling all around us. And, I so dislike this feeling…  and how painful life can be. Deeply. Hopelessly. A pain that can drive a fear and… Continue reading The Hope That Does Not Disappoint

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Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?

Are you the shy one? The broke one? The creative one? The successful one? The brave one? The sad one? Or, the one who gets it all done? The cold one? The awkward one? The bold one? The lazy one? The health conscience one? The talented one? Or, the one who’s seen by no one?… Continue reading Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?


Broken, Yet Brave Stories

So, I’m just gonna come right out and say it. These last few days have been hard. Like, wanna cry buckets of tears hard. Fearfully mad, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed and tired tears. Not really for any one reason, but for many that just feel tear worthy.  It’s one of those points in a story you… Continue reading Broken, Yet Brave Stories