Making Much of Christmas


Every year we do it. We make so much of this time of year. Going way back to our childhoods, even. Who among us doesn’t recall the whole build up all month long? The unboxing of decorations and cherished ornaments with your family, plus the trimmings in every store and street in town?

The wish lists we’d write, then send off to Santa hoping we weren’t on the naughty list. The gathering we’d do or the shopping till we dropped and wrapping till the dawn. The memories associated with all our favorite traditions and the counting down of days, one by one, with giddy anticipation. All the sneaking around to hide treasured gifts or to make absolute sure the ones we asked for were gonna make it under the tree that year.

Or, maybe that was just me?? I was often more naughty than nice. Though, I’m digressing.

Even today I recall my favorite Christmases past, usually because of an extra special gift or fun trip. Like the Christmas of 1979, or maybe it was 80, when I finally got my wild colored, big girl bike with the coveted banana seat.

Or, Christmas 1981, when my adoption doll, Sarah, came into my life. I was overjoyed at finally becoming a *momma*. The thought of dressing her up in all those outfits, plus the endless trips and love we’d certainly share for years to come, still makes me smile to this day. Which is why I still have her to this day😍

Or, the blessed Christmas in 1996 when I went into actual labor with my oldest, becoming a real momma for the first time the day after!

Or, in 2018, when we spent the whole week of Christmas, including that first baby’s 21st birthday, in New York City as a family. That fact alone was awesome enough, since I’d dreamed of it for so long, but happened to get even better while on a our visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the eve of Christmas, when I was caught by such surprise at emotions overwhelming, then running over and down both cheeks, while we stood inside that filled up, awe inspiring space, listening to angelic sounds and seeing gilded architecture and incredible beauty all around.

An absolutely breathtaking moment and a memory I’ll cherish forever.

See, we simply just make much of this entire season, don’t we? As so much hope seems to brim. The loving seems to come a bit easier and the joy feels near palpable. The expectations abound, while the giving and sharing all things in all ways becomes the norm. Living on purpose feels more attainable or, at least, we try to make that our goal. And I just believe everything looks prettier done up all merry and bright, right??

But, why? Why is it that so much hope and expectation seems to be wrapped up into this time of year? Have you ever wondered? Yeah, all the traditions and the giving, the memories and family around encourage these feelings, to be sure.

But it’s also likely that there’s more. Much more! Like the fact that what we’re actually celebrating is The actual Wonder Of The Whole Wide World, Who entered this world wrapped up in a package of flesh, like you and me, to forever unite us to Himself and His Father, our Creator.

The very One that created us to feel all the wonder we can, as we ponder His coming.

And He’s Who we’re all expecting, though often not recognizing, as we wander through this season and our entire lives even.

Because, there is this kind of knowing residing deep inside us all. Can you feel that? A knowing that all we see is not all there is and that most things are not how they should be. A knowing that there’s more to behold and become because we were created to seek the sacred (as my wise SIL likes to put it!) as we become His own.

Therefore, we simply can’t help but get all wrapped up in the hope and joy of the season! Hoping we can bottle up some of the joy, even, for the following year and continue in that spirit of joy and hope for the rest of our future.

You see, Sweet Friends, we’re physically wired to witness the impossible and earth bound to get wrapped up in Heavenly Wonder, too, whether we know and admit it, or not. Although, I pray above all things you know that you know this above all else today! It’s honestly my prayer for each one of you who graciously check out my tiny corner of the internet. It’s the only reason I write and share my life here. So you can read and see Jesus here.

And I hope you do *see* Him. This very season and for every other going forward, as well. Because He is the reason for it all. The reason we make so much of Christmas.

We were simply born to!

YES and Amen! You were born to make much of Him and this time. Born to expect and see and accept and taste the goodness, fullness, and merciful gift of Himself to you. Born to have hope and joy not just this season, but for a lifetime.

Born to behold and be held by The Wonder that is the only reason we are breathing. So, breathe Him in this season. Just go on and BE all in, then become all His❤️💚❤️

Wishing you all His best blessings and a Very Merry Christmas,


P.S. thought I’d also leave you with some pics of a few more favorite Christmases past🎄

4 thoughts on “Making Much of Christmas”

  1. Love, love, love this one! Thanks for letting us peek into all the joy these pictures represent, not only to you and your family but to all of us who will allow His Holy Presence to change us! Bless and thank you, sweet Kacy! Sondra

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